Set of bags for mom Cute as a Button, 3 pcs


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Relieve you of the inconvenience and constant mess while walking!

Set of bags for mom Cute as a Button, 3 pcs

The accessories have a stylish design and will serve you for many years, as they are sewn from high quality and safe materials. You will be able to correctly place things on the bags, and most importantly, you will definitely not forget where and what is. The specially designed design of the bags will attract even little ones, so they will willingly take on the role of helpers.

But the advantages of the kit do not end there either. Thanks to the presence of a special case, a bottle of water will not spill and treacherously flood all things.

The material of the bags has excellent performance characteristics: excellent perception of different temperature conditions, moisture resistance, resistance to all kinds of mechanical damage, and so on. And since only safe and environmentally friendly materials were used in the process of sewing products, bags will not harm the health of both mothers and children.


Large bag size: 36x29x16 cm;

Medium bag size: 25x20x10.5 cm;

The size of the bag case for the bottle: 20x8x7 cm;

Material: nylon;

Kit weight: 700 grams.

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