Bag with loop handle – Eco, 44 ​​x 42 x 10 cm, light green


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Will never tear or let you down, safe for the surrounding nature!

Loop handle bag – Eco, 44 ​​x 42 x 10 cm, light green

This package will not only show others your view of the protection of the environment, but will really give you maximum comfort in your everyday life. You will forever forget about the uncomfortable bag handles that literally dig into the skin and hurt your fingers. Also, you will never again be faced with an insidious situation when the package is torn in the middle of the road and you need to put all the products somewhere.

The accessory is made of environmentally friendly non-woven fabric. It can withstand increased stress, does not tear, has a “breathing” effect, is not afraid of water and sudden temperature changes. If you wish, you can easily decorate the bag by drawing on it (up to 4 colors) and screen printing. The product will become your faithful companion during shopping and will serve for many years!


Dimensions: 44 x 42 x 10 cm;

Material: non-woven fabric (100% polypropylene spunbond);

Maximum load: 15 kg;

Temperature compatibility: -55 to +130 degrees Celsius;

Weight: 88 grams;

Green colour.

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